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Nicole Ellis Schmidt: Everyone at the party remarked about your cake! How gorgeous it was AND how delicious! Thank you again Dimitra!

Ann Moutousi: After a great time on the trees your cake was met with screams of surprise and delight!! Thank you!

Helene Graffner: Absolutely beautiful and delicious and Noelle loved it!!! Thank you once more!!

Paola- Yasmina Saba del Pozzo: Delicious cake !! We All loved it thank you !!

Ariadni Vavouranaki : Euharistoume polu Dimitra Milona
O antroulis mou enthousiastike!!!! Kai vevaia oloi oi kalesmenoi!!!! Bravo gia to kallitehnima!!!

Alexia Bri : Simply amazing !!!! The best cake i have ever seen - and ever tasted!

Yomari Mora Tres jolie et tres bon

Renate Wassenberg: It was amazing and delicious! We'll definitely come back to you for other birthday s!

Ariadni Vavouranaki: Awesome Frozen cake for our daughter!! Amazing artistic decoration and excellent double taste!! Very professional services! Thank you so much Sweet Zoe! Congrats Dimitra Milona! You are an artist! A la prochaine!!!

Elizabeth Zaninka Uwimana: Thank you so much Dimitra...So beautifull and very nice

Guy Claude :Melina and her friends had a great party ,Melina was so happy to have such a wonderfull cake and all the children enjoyed the cake very much .You are a excellente patissière Dimitra ,thank you so much.

Angeliki Markopoulou: Δήμητρα ήταν ΤΕΛΕΙΑ!!! Σε ευχαριστούμε για όλα...η Βάλια και οι φίλες της έφαγαν και τα ψίχουλα!

Touli Rimer : Magnifique!!!!!!!!!! Bravo Dimitra Milona!!

Tatiana Varlamova: Victoria had a gorgeous cake for her birthday party yesterday.

Dimitra thank you for the awesome cake you've made for us. The presentation was amazing and it was delicious!!!
Ermioni Kallintzi

Thank you for an awesome cake! You really grasp the idea of customized cakes! Can't thank you enough! Extra star for an extra delicious taste!
Iriene Agapitou

C'est Elizabeth alors là c’était parfait et très très bon...magnifique l oeuvre est grand… merci je la recommande vraiment...bisous à toi Dimitra Milona.
Elizabeth Zaninka Uwimana

Non seulement tes gateaux sont magnifiques mais ils sont aussi excellent
Melina était tellement contente , ses amis et elle se sont regalés.
Tu es une grande chef patissierre
Guy Claude
Excellent taste, beautiful presentation, bravo Sweet Zoe, bravo Dimitra!! 
Jana Megevand

That was an excellent birthday cake - with two levels and different fillings: one for kids, the other for adults. Special thanks go to Dimitra for painstakingly listening to our requests, delivering a product superior to our expectations - one enjoyed by all at our double birthday party!!
Alexandros Boudouris

Thank you Dimitra!!!!All the kids loved your Haloween cake!!!! We had a dilemma on whether to eat it or just keep staring at it!!!!! Hehehehehehe!!!!!Thank you for making our Haloween so sweet!!!!!!!!
Ismene Papadopoulou

Amazing! Beautiful and Incredibly Tasty congratulations!
Fotis Rimer

Thank you for the great cake you made for our son! Everyone, If you are looking for high professional service, great taste and a very special artistic decoration, I recommend you strongly Sweet Zoe!!
Angi Kyriaki

Thank you so much for this beautiful and delicious Birthday cake! It was truly gorgeous, and two levels had different fillings. Wonderful surprise at the end of the party:)

Maria Timonina 

Thank you for the very beautiful and tasty birthday cake! (especially the oreo cookie wheels...!) it was exactly how I dreamt it to be! Looking forward to experiencing another masterpiece cake of yours!
Despoina Pa

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